Radio interview

Melissa had 7 minutes of fame on RNZ Radio National! Listen to the interview (discussing her story ‘A gift of coconuts’ and her science background) here:

Award winning short story

Imagine 2200 climate fiction stories
Illustrators: Taj Francis and Molly Mendoza is thrilled to be a finalist in this short story contest. Read her story, and all the stories now:

Climate fiction can be a powerful climate solution. It invites us to look beyond the current moment to envision the world that could be, and empowers us to work toward it. The winners of this year’s Imagine 2200 short story contest from Grist are not afraid to explore the challenges ahead, but offer hope that we can work together to build a more sustainable and just world. Through rich characters, lovingly sketched settings, and gripping plots, these stories welcome you into futures that celebrate who we are and what we can become.

Science fiction meets dessert

Melissa is very happy to announce that her short story ‘First Pav on Mars’ is included in the newly released coffee table book of art, poetry and stories, Pav Deconstructed. If it’s related to pavlova, it’s probably in this book!

Pav Deconstructed book cover

At the end of things, there’s still avocado

Melissa’s flash fiction story ‘Feels like Heaven’, about how to achieve smashed avo on toast after a volcanic eruption is included in this anthology of hopeful endings, published by SpicFecNZ.

Cover of Aftermath anothology
Short but hopeful dystopian stories