Melissa writes non-fiction aimed at kids, under the name Melissa R Gunn. She collaborates with her talented singer-songwriter sister Claudia Robin Gunn on science communication projects.

Toutouwai New Zealand Robin

Picture of book showing NZ robin (grey and white bird) sitting on a twig.

A fact and activity book about the New Zealand Robin (Toutouwai) aimed at kids, including photographs, fun games, and lyrics & links to robin songs by award-winning songwriter Claudia Robin Gunn. Available to purchase as a paperback or pdf direct from the authors. You can request the paperback or ebook from your local library or from your favourite online store.

Sing for the Earth – Little Wild Animals

Sing for the Earth songbook cover

This original songbook and activity resource features all 25 songs from award winning New Zealand songwriter Claudia Robin Gunn’s 5th family album Sing for the Earth – Little Wild Animals. Her original tunes celebrate the fascination children have with wildlife of all kinds.

This collection presents a range of well loved and unusual creatures through fun songs and natural history storytelling, including New Zealand’s amazing varieties of insects, amphibians, arachnids and invertebrates, the tiny native bats of Aotearoa (pekapeka) and endemic little blue penguins (kororā). Australia’s amazing monotremes take the spotlight – the echidna and platypus. From central and south America we hear songs of cloud forests and sloth, while from the arctic we hear tales of mama and baby polar bears, plus many more animals from all around the world.

Learn about zoo conservation programmes with the song ‘Animal Families’, and understanding the need to protect our Earth’s biodiversity is a key learning theme in ‘Rainbow World’.

To enhance reader enjoyment, the project features full colour illustrations by Elise De Silva which depict a friendly and fun cast of animal characters to connect with kids’ natural curiosity and sense of wonder.

Full of heart, positivity and useful science notes and activity ideas for each song written by Melissa R. Gunn. The songbook includes all the lyrics and simple chord notation for each song. This project was proudly supported by Creative New Zealand.

Purchase the ebook now, or wait for the hardcopy release.

Sing for the Sea – Little Wild Ocean Friends

Image of sea creatures and mermaids on a cicular wave background

Released in July 2022, this songbook is a treasure trove with lyrics and chord charts to accompany sea-themed songs by Claudia Robin Gunn, science notes and activities by Melissa R Gunn, and illustrated by award-winning watercolour artist Elise de Silva. Buy now with digital downloads and a pdf from bandcamp, buy the ebook from your favourite digital store, or wait for the full release & get a hardcopy version. The songbook includes all the lyrics and simple chord notation for each song. This project was proudly supported by Creative New Zealand.