Storm Surge book cover
Storm Surge
The Weather Gods: Book 1

Storm Surge is the first novel in Melissa Gunn’s Weather Gods, a YA urban fantasy series. Set in a climate-change near-future world in the north of England, where the coast is crumbling rapidly, while demigods and shifters vie for power. The landscape itself is full of supernatural creatures who have opinions of their own.

This character-driven story follows Tammy’s little sister Freya as the family moves from town to town. Freya longs for a friend, a place to belong, or meal for her cat. But unless she finds a power of her own, Freya’s family is at risk of losing everything.

It was just another rainy day in autumn when Freya’s house fell into the sea.

Freya isn’t your average suburban school kid– she’s a demigoddess. But even a demigoddess can’t hold back the sea. After a violent storm, Freya and her family are set adrift in a world where the weather comes with attitude, and rising sea levels are as much about personality clashes as climate change. School isn’t a walk in the park either, not when Freya’s classmates could be demigods, trolls or weres. All Freya wants to do is keep her cat fed and her family together. A friend wouldn’t hurt either. Over the years she develops her own powers, but will those be enough to achieve her modest goals – or will her world wash away once again?

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