It was just another rainy day when Freya’s house fell into the sea.


Melissa writes urban fantasy/climate fiction and speculative fiction. Her Weather Gods series is set in a world where most people have a bit of demigod heritage, but many people don’t know of their supernatural background. Throw in a goodly number of shifters, trolls, and other mythological beings, add a science-based background of a world wracked by climate change, and you have a unique world to explore. Join Freya and her sister Tammy as they make their way through trials and tribulations while growing up. Start with Flash Flood, a prequel novella that is free to subscribers to Melissa’s newsletter, or take the plunge with Freya’s worldview in Storm Surge.

Weather Gods novella Flash Flood cover


Tammy’s sensitive to water. Too sensitive for rainy England. On a damp walk home with her little sister Freya, she meets a teenage werewolf – or were-something – and everything changes.

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Reviews for Storm Surge:

“Reading is fun again” – Amazon review

“an engaging blend of adventure, humour, climate science and fantasy” – Auckland Writers Cafe

“a refreshing take on mythology… thank goodness for a competent heroine!” – Goodreads review


The story continues in Heat Wave.

New job? Check. New home? Check. A life free of supernatural interference? If only.

With university behind her, Freya is trying to live life as a mundane rather than deal with the reality of being a demigoddess. It should be easy, but supernaturals just won’t leave her alone. The hot guy at work? Volcano demigod. Shifters? Turn up around every corner. And the boring guy who hangs around the canteen is either just plain odd, or is a secret master of the universe. The North of England is heating up, and if Freya can’t learn to embrace her heritage as a demigoddess, it won’t just be her love life that goes up in flames.

Weather Gods Book 2 Out Now!

Image of 'Heat Wave' book
Weather Gods Book 2: Heat Wave

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